Shawn Patterson and Sammy Allen perform Patterson’s Oscar and Grammy-nominated song “Everything Is Awesome” from The LEGO Movie at the 2015 ASCAP Film & Television Music Awards. Their performance was mentioned in Billboard Magazine, Broadway World,  and The Hollywood Reporter.


Sammy Allen receives high praise for her vocal work on the song “Everything Is Awesome” from The Lego Movie, in this wonderful interview with the song’s creator Shawn Patterson for Filmandgamecomposers.com.  Shawn discusses the back story of creating his song, and the article includes a link to hear Sammy and Shawn’s vocals in their acoustic version!


Sammy is given vocal props in GQ Magazine, in an interview with Shawn Patterson, the creator of “Everything Is Awesome” from The Lego Movie.  They also posted the original demo version of “Everything Is Awesome” with Sammy’s lead vocals!


Writing and recording vocals with producer and band mate, Eric Klein, for their band Zerokelvin’s upcoming noise-pop/alternative rock album.  Preview the album and learn more about them here: www.teamzerokelvin.com


Records lead vocals for an upcoming episode of the new Dreamworks animated series, “The Adventures Of Puss In Boots”


Performed at The Palladium for “Trevor Live 2014” fundraiser in Hollywood.


Performed at The W Hotel in Hollywood for Jazz Night with Nikki Leonti


Sang with singer/songwriter Ryan Hanifl at The Hotel Cafe


“The Lego Movie” premieres in theaters nationwide, which features Sammy’s vocals in the acoustic duet version of “Everything Is Awesome”

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